Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jamie Chua Profile and Biography | Wikipedia

    • Full name: Amelia Jamie Chua
    • Nickname: Lia
    • Birthday: 02/04/88
    • Age: 23
    • Nationality: Filipina
    • Height & weight: 170 cm & 59 kg
    Personality Amelia Jamie Chua

    Amelia Jamie Chua

    Likes: composing, honesty, sleeping, dancing all alone, parties, singing, dogs, respect, skin ship, movies, foods, cultures, art, drawing, flirting, beauty, skirts, fan fictions, ...

    Dislikes: criticism, cooking, failure, being told what to do, spicy foods, insects, swimming, stubbornness, uncaring attitude, waking up early, ...

    Personality: She is very prone to mood swings, which is matched by changing emotions. At one point of time, you have seen her in a typical party mood, enjoying herself and laughing at others jokes. She may come across as the extroverted member in the entire group. However, another time, she may be completely introverted, sitting in a corner and lost in her own world. She will never run behind fame and publicity, but if she ever gets it, she definitely knows how to bask in the limelight. Amelia wants only to do what she truly wants. A highly emotional or passionate scene is uncomfortable for her, but if she feels safe with you, chances are she'll reve this deep and complex side of herself to you. Just don't expect her to like doing so, because she won't.

    Most of the people who sees her thinks that she innocent, cute girl what will make her angry. Cause she is far from innocent and she hate cuteness. She isn't cold, but to keep herself safe she has to act sometimes like a bitch. Even she hate cuteness she can't stand of someone acts cute, it makes her act like a grandmother and hug you or kiss you like a crazy grandma.

    If she likes you, you don't have to worry about those cold glances, she will never hurt someone she likes, loves. Cause you will be more important then herself.

    • Hobbies: composing, playing her piano, juggling, bicycling, collecting fan gifts, reading, fan fictions, touching in a nice way her friends,...
    • Habits: biting in her pink, sleeping with naked feet, looking straight in the eye what will make people uncomfortable, pouting when she chooses her clothes, she can be sometimes too straightforward, will touch, hug, kiss you if you'll act fun or cute, ...
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