Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kim Kardashian cried to the present - Case Video Porno with Ray J

    Kim Kardashian was in shock with her ​​sex video with her ​​ex-boyfriend, Ray J. Kim. He was very sad and still cry to this day.

    Kim Kardashian

    That being said Kim's mother, Kris Jenner in his book. Kris said that her son ran into her lap and sobbed when I discovered her sex video with Ray J to be released.

    "I made a tape with my girlfriend and it will be released," he said Kris Kim imitating, as quoted by The Sun.

    "What do you mean recordings? I started mengintrrogasi he is like a detective. Explain what it means sex videos? Recording what it is?," Said Kris

    Kim Kardashian

    "I almost screamed. I could not believe what I heard. Feeling like I might faint. I asked him why he do that?," Continued Kris.

    But Kris admitted today relieved, because the slow times when it can be forgotten. Kris admitted many friends and relatives supported.Read More
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