Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kim Kardashian Finally Filming 'The Marriage Counselor'

    Grief-stricken 72 days due to marriage crisis, Kim chose busy filming a new movie in the bid. He fulfills his promise starred in "The Marriage Counselor."

    Kim Kardashian Finally Filming 'The Marriage Counselor'

    Kim, after meeting her husband who is now being sued for divorce, Kris Humphries, directly involved in the inaugural filming the latest movie made ​​by director Tyler Perry Wednesday, November 9, 2011. Studio filming was held in Atlanta. In the film, Kardashian will act as Ava, Perry's friends and coworkers.

    When the marriage counselor - played by Jurnee Smollett (Friday Night Lights) - an affair with a client and complicates her life, Ava came to help and solve this problem once.

    Role as Ava is the most inviting attention to the role of the actress, after his debut in the two previous films, Deep in the Valley (2008) and Disaster Movie (2008), just goto the mock role. 'The Marriage Counselor' will be released Lionsgate.

    But Perry's fans do not like the election of Kardashian in that role. Most of them openly reject the director Kardashianmelalui personal website. "I am a big fan of Perry and has watched all his films," writes a fan named Gee's account as quoted by the Hollywood Reporter.

    "I do not understand the reason to include KK Perry (Kim Kardashian). I hate the Kardashian because it has no achievements at all except for an intimate scene in front of the camera. I will not give the slightest support to the K, especially in the film."

    Some even commented very loudly, "What ya you want to keep Kim K in that movie? If true, then there will be Tyler Perry boycott movement worldwide."
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