Friday, October 28, 2011

Ginseng Root Extract - Ginseng Benefits to Increase Your Sex Life

    If you are marriage couple, than sex is the best way to increase and maintain your marriage relation. Making love is a special moment for every couple to show their love and solve many problems between you and your couple. However, by the time the passion of sex will decrease because of the increasing of career activity, age, and many more. Therefore, many couple try to increase their sexual ability by consuming medicine or following some medical treatment. Whereas, there is a natural and easy way to increase and keep your sexual passion safely. Researchers from the University of Guelph, Canada found that sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction, can be overcome with natural ingredients. Quoted from Genius Beauty, the effects of natural ingredients are not as strong as drugs, but it is more save and there are no negative effects.

    The natural materials in question the researchers are turmeric and ginseng. Mentioned, these two ingredients are the natural aphrodisiac (a natural food plant to generate the sexual passion). According to the experts, ginseng and turmeric has a stronger effect of chocolate in terms of increasing sexual arousal. Chocolate is just stimulating hormone serotonin in the body (hormones that can make one’s mood better), so that sexual arousal could arise. While ginseng and turmeric does contain a substance, that makes sexual arousal and pleasure levels rise. You could consume both of this food through many ways. Asian people add ginseng into their beverage such as tea or coffee. Some of them make a special food with ginseng or turmeric as the main ingredient. If you are too busy to prepare your own ginseng and turmeric menu, you could buy it as a ready to eat product in the market. There are many product made by ginseng as their main ingredient, such as candy, bread, cookies, and many more. However, if you expect for the best result, you can buy ginseng tablet which is available in the market. Read More
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