Wednesday, October 26, 2011

High traffic volume swamps SingTel's iPhone 4S booking services - singtel iphone 4s pre order preorder

    singtel iphone 4s, singtel iphone 4s preorder, singtel shop, m1 iphone 4s pre order, singtel : The Straits Times reported that SingTel's online appointment process was delayed for nearly 20 minutes. Its servers were down until 10.19am, presumably due to high traffic volume.

    The report said users who tried to access the website were shown different error messages.

    Users said they also received a message to call SingTel's helpline at 1688. Ms Chew Siew Theng said on Facebook that even though the website directed her to the helpline the line was so busy that she couldn't call in

    Hundreds of people who did not manage to get an appointment expressed their displeasure on SingTel's Facebook page.

    CK Ng posted on SingTel's Facebook: 'Dear SingTel, did the pre-registration of interest not give you an idea of the expected load? Why then did your appointment booking site fail to handle the load of people coming in to register?'

    At 2pm, SingTel opened another avenue for customers. It announced on its Facebook page that it was taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4S at its online shop. However the website was quickly flooded with requests as well. At 3.02pm, it announced that the online shop was experiencing high traffic volume and asked users 'to try again in a moment'.

    Those who had earlier expressed interest in an iPhone 4S from SingTel had the option to register for an appointment betweeen Oct 28 to 30 to buy the gadget during SingTel's iPhone 4S launch. Read More
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