Friday, October 28, 2011

Natural Acne Remedy Sweet Honey for Sweet Girl to Solve Acne Problem

    Honey is one of the natural product, produced by honeybee, which contain a lot of profitable nutrition. For a long time, people use honey as a traditional medicine to cure several illness. By the time, people use it as a main material for many beauty products, such us shampoo, soap, conditioner, mask, and many more. 

    However, chemical substance, which include in the product, sometime destroy the nature of the product usually cause an irritation on your face or skin. Hence, we have to be careful for choosing our beauty product. To avoid any dangerous effect, we can make our own beauty mask from many natural material, including natural honey mask. Honey is natural product, which important to maintain our skin, tighten, and solve your acne problem. This material contains a natural healer character, which consist of enzyme, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial that useful to clean up and take care of your skin. Besides that, honey also contain a high quality natural moisturizer to moisture our skin. It is also a good material to decrease the excess oil, which cause acne at your face. Because of it benefit, honey mask is a good choice for you, who has sensitive skin.

    There are several steps that you have to attention to make your honey mask, such us:
    • Make sure that you have already clean your face from any make up with a smooth soap and warm water.
    • Pour one spoon of a raw pure honey in the small bowl. If you expect a best result, you can put it on the microwave for 10 second before use it.
    • Apply it on your face by using applicator or clean hand. Let the honey stick on your face for at least fifteen minute to one hour.
    To remove the mask, please use a small towel with warm water. Make sure that you clean up the entire residue. Read More
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