Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tesla Model S and its Huge 17-Inch Screen - System Linux-based OS

    The upcoming Tesla Model S will feature a 17-inch screen fitted into the dash; roughly the size of two iPads placed on top of one another. We've seen in ...

    Tesla Model S will be equipped with a large infotainment screen. However, those pictures only showed the hollow place where the screen would be fitted without the screen itself.In a new video shot by the guys over at Autoblog, we can now see first-hand how big this screen actually is. How big? Try 17-inches. According to the video, the infotainment screen is about the size as two iPads stacked on top of each other.

    This system also comes with a Linux-based OS. Drivers and passengers are further able to use the system as a web browser, a navigation tool using Google Maps, and can even control interior functions such as the sunroof and the air conditioning. Read More
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