Monday, November 7, 2011

Cinta Laura Halloween With Kim Kardashian

    Cinta Laura artist who emigrated to the United States to continue his schooling at Columbia University, New York, has many exciting experiences. One is attending a Halloween party with American artists.

    "Last night (October 30, 2011) also love Halloween party at an exclusive club that was attended by Kim Kardashian and others," said the mother of Love, Herdiana, through BlackBerry Messenger messages, Monday, October 31, 2011.

    According Herdiana, Love among those who was lucky to school at Columbia University. "Only a super-clever and have advantages in certain areas keterima. So, he's got a new friend that cool-cool. As national American football star, artist, mucisian and others," said Herdiana.

    Love, who will be there about seven years, wants to seriously run the school. "Four years for the S-1 and three years at Harvard University for the S-2," said the wife of Michael Kiehl this.

    He added that he felt sad that so long abandoned by the baby. "Loneliness because baseball there soul mates (Cinta Laura)," he said.

    According Herdiana, Love is not too long for a country that has raised his name is. "Miss Indonesian food yes, but if busy life as an artist and singer baseball," he said.

    This is due to love to have ideals higher. "Playing second Hollywood movie. And recording two singles in the Sony Music Los Angeles," added Herdiana.
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