Monday, November 7, 2011

Kim Kardashian refuses to publish a divorce in Reality Show

    First, as already bad situation, Kim Kardashian never refused to share her own life with the audience realitasnya event, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But this time, sosialita was unwilling to let the public know the specifics divorce process.

    Kim Kardashian

    It is E!, the TV station that broadcasts events realitasnya (other KUWTK, no more Kourtney & Kim Take New York), the charm of women aged 31 to be made a special TV event of divorce will be divided in two episodes. As a special screening before marriage, divorce, Kim later special broadcast will feature scenes behind the divorce process.

    Interestingly, unlike the first, the offer was rejected outright by Kim. Thus at least TMZ reports that Kim did not want to write a camera to document private moments and emotional divorce behind. Instead, wives Kris Humphries said he did not want any scenes menggarap realitasnya event that, at least until early 2012. The reason, he did not want mengkesploitasi what's happening behind the divorce for TV consumption.

    TMZ added, even when Kim later willing to be photographed for the reality of events, he would not allow anything associated with the separation to be displayed at the event.

    Before Kim announced a horrendous lawsuit cerainya world, actually E! back in a couple episodes have been broadcast special shows featuring the wedding Kim and Kris Humphries. At that time, the TV network president, Suzanne Kolb, reasoned, "We are right topical TV station, while this (their divorce) is the hottest topic at this time." Ironically, at the end of the show, added news of the divorce suit Kim.
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